sancTuary is now host and curator for the UTOPÆON project.

When selecting the projects to be realised, care is taken to ensure that on the one hand the artistic-scientific-research aspect and on the other hand the communication with the broad target group of recipients are primary goals. Purely political events or propagandistic projects with missionary or exclusionary/exclusionary characteristics are generally undesirable. In accordance with the chosen name, sancTuary, the activities of our association are dedicated to communication that is not ideologically one-pole-ethics-free, constructive debate, art production and presentation, freely following the principle: art does not have to be political, but art with high relevance and quality of form and content will always have a political effect. The only exception here is the genre of satire, which allows for strong political criticism and to which we too only want to set the limits formulated in the Austrian penal code.

Therefore, sancTuary will not only function as an administrator of exhibitions and events; there will also be sufficient space for theatre events or performances, work processes made visible, symposia, workshops, experiments and even social-evolutionary initiatives.